Hi! I’m Sarah.

And I like food! Hence the name of this blog.


I’m passionate about inspiring others to improve their mental and physical health, mostly through food—specifically a low-sugar lifestyle!

Most days you can find me reading up on the latest health trends (nerd) or binge watching Netflix on the couch with my boyfriend/personal photographer, Dan. We love black and white movies, cooking shows, and cartoons.

I’m best known for my low-sugar diet and truth bombs! I will always give it to you straight, even if you don’t want to hear it.

People often refer to me as “mama bear”. No, I don’t have kids yet, I just feel the need to always support my friends and family in living their best lives. Also probably has something to do with the fact that I carry snacks in my purse…

When I’m not busy, I enjoy traveling, going to concerts, and eating my way around town. I save most of my cheat meals for nights out or a great brunch.

My travel bucket list is long and ever-growing, but so far my favorite place continues to be Norway, and it’s where I was first inspired to cut the added sugar. Planning trips is one of my favorite things and I’m always happy to exchange travel tips.

Cheese is life—but I’m working on that!

I hope through my no-refined-sugar recipes and lifestyle tips, I can inspire you to take control of your mental and physical health and live your best life, too.




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