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15 Quarantine Snacks That Are Easy & Healthy

boiled egg with salt and pepper healthy snack

I’ve really gone off the rails lately in the snack department. Since food was scarce at the beginning of the quarantine and I couldn’t exactly choose what I wanted to eat, I have been eating whatever I could find, and lots of it. I love working from home but it puts me in close proximity to the kitchen which can be very dangerous. Not to mention, I tend to snack when I’m stressed or bored, and I’ve been both. It’s a very bad combination.

A worldwide pandemic isn’t exactly the best time to start eating unhealthy foods. If anything, I should be doing the opposite to keep my immune system in top shape. After all, sugar can wreak havoc on your health. I’ve been tired, irritable, and have had multiple headaches since my unhealthy snack binge began. So, now that the stores are getting back to normal, I’m determined to get back on track.

Here’s a list of healthy, super easy snacks that I will be switching to to curb my cravings, whether savory or sweet. Most of them are pretty easy to throw together, and some take a little pre-planning but are great to make ahead of time to keep on hand for when hunger strikes. I hope they help you stay healthy in these crazy times.


  • hard-boiled eggs with a little everything bagel seasoning or just salt & pepper
  • healthy deviled eggs (recipe to come, but you basically replace the mayo with Greek yogurt)
  • carrot or celery sticks and hummus (even better if it’s homemade!)
  • a handful of rice crackers (I like these).  You can add a few slices of cheese if you’d like but I usually eat them plain. Make sure you take a portion out of the box before you start snacking. If you snack from the box you’ll eat the whole thing. 
  • Plain popcorn. I like to pop it fresh. You can toss it in a tiny bit of olive oil and add some salt, pepper, cayenne, etc. OR just buy a brand of pre-popped like a bag of Boomchicka popcorn that has no added sugars
  • A cheese stick wrapped in a slice of turkey. Deli meat often has added sugar so make sure you find one without. This kind at Publix is my go-to.
  • Avocado toast made on Ezekiel bread. You can find it in the frozen section at most grocery stores
  • Edamame with some sea salt. You can find them at the grocery with the other frozen veggies
  • Cucumber slices with cream cheese and everything bagel seasoning on top. To make it extra fancy you can add some smoked salmon.

If you don’t have everything bagel seasoning (which you should), you can just use salt and pepper. You can now buy everything bagel seasoning at most stores, but the og is at Trader Joe’s. This snack is the best—SO SO delicious, easy, and fast!


  • plain rice cake (or Ezekiel bread) with natural peanut butter and frozen blueberries on top. Make sure the peanut butter has no added sugar.
  • berries or apple slices plain or with a little natural peanut butter
  • homemade baked sweet potato chips
  • chia pudding with berries or a little honey on top (recipe to come)
  • homemade honey almond granola
  • avocado chocolate pudding. Recipe here in my Cinco de Mayo post from last year

What are you favorite snacks right now?

Share in the comments so we can try them out!


  1. cheryl chambers says

    Welcome back! I’ve missed your delightful and informative posts! Love ya ❤️

    Blessings, Cheryl


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