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My Top 8 Favorite Things About 2018

Cheers to making it through 2018! This year has been quite chaotic for many people. Living in a never-ending political cycle where we are constantly being marketed to is draining. I don’t know about you, but I’m really, really tired both emotionally and physically. But besides all that, 2018 has truly been one of the best years of my life. I got to see myself and so many people I love reach milestones and so many huge, life-changing things happened for me and those I love this year.

Here are my top 8 absolute favorite things about my life in 2018:

  1. My best friend and Dan’s best friend both had babies! Dan’s best friend had the cutest little boy and of course my best friend added the most beautiful baby girl to our girl gang. I am so excited to buy her all the cute girly stuff forever. Definitely my favorite part of 2018.
  2. Two of my best friends got married… to each other! Two of my very best friends who I’ve grown up with and known for over a decade had the most amazingly beautiful wedding this year. It was a long time coming after being together for nearly 10 years, so I am over the moon for both of them.
  3. I got to spend time with all of my family. This year was the first year in probably close to a decade that I got to see every single member of my extended family on both sides. I was lucky enough to travel to both W.V. and N.C. in 2018 and loved spending time with all of my family there. I have always lived hundreds of miles away from them, and as we’ve gotten older we’ve seen each other less and less.  Seeing unexpected changes in my grandparents’ health has made me realize how important it is that I visit as much as I can. You can’t get that time back.
  4. I got to visit two new amazing cities. Oslo has been on my list since I started learning more about Norway and it was such a modern, fun, laid back city to visit. Paris has been on my list since, well, always(!), so it was a big moment for me to visit this year. Dan also treated me to my first Michelin star dining experience there for my birthday at Restaurant du Palais Royal, which could honestly count as its own number on this list. What can I say? I like food. It’s literally my blog name. Paris lived up to the hype and I can’t wait to get back  to try more of the food and see more of the sites. I’ll be headed back to Oslo briefly in about a month, which might I mention, David Chang just named one of the best cities for food in 2019.
  5.  I got to treat Dan to a trip to a new-to-him city. For his 30th birthday I surprised him with a trip to Denver. This was his first time out west and we had a great time exploring everything, taking in the beautiful mountain air and scenery, and of course, eating. Denver is one of my favorite cities so I loved being able to share it with him.
  6. Dan and I both got promotions at work this year. I feel so lucky to work for a company that appreciates the hard work I put in. Oh, and if you weren’t aware, Dan works there too! Yes, I know what you’re thinking. “You guys work together?!” Yes, yes we do. When he first got me a job there we worked in separate departments and didn’t collaborate on anything. With our new promotions we now work on quite a few projects together. Sometimes I want to strangle him, but besides that, it’s going surprisingly well. It works for us.
  7. I started this blog! Friends and family have been asking me for information and food advice for the past couple of years and kept telling me to start a blog. I agreed but kept putting it off because I didn’t know where to begin. This year I quit making excuses and just did it. It’s been great having a creative outlet while also being able to share my no-sugar info with others.
  8. I discovered the magic of turmeric and ginger. Okay I know this sounds like a weird one, but I’m seriously obsessed with both of these things!!! Ask Dan. I talk about them all the time and sing their praises to everyone I meet. They are seriously miracle spices and I credit them for some serious positive changes in my health this year. Give them a try and you’ll see what I mean. Game changers.

I’ll be spending the last few hours of this year at a small get together with my best friends, hopefully around a fire with a glass of champagne. I hope your 2018 has been as great as mine. Share with me in the comments what your top 8 were. I’d love to hear.

Let’s hope 2019 is even better!




  1. Feli says

    Can you make a blog post about the benefits of tumeric and ginger, how you incorporate them into your life, and how you have personally benefited from them?


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